Interview mit Volkan Oezdemir


Volkan Özdemir aus Neuchatel kämpfte zu beginn dieses Monats bei der Nordamerikanischen MMA-Organisation “Bellator Fighting Championship” – bereits zum zweiten Mal.

Wir von hatten die Chance uns mit ihm zu unterhalten und ihn auf seinen letzten Kampf, Bellator und seine Zukunft anzusprechen. Das Interview ist auf Englisch, wegen der Sprachbarriere.

Hello Volkan, how are you doing? Please tell the swiss community who you are, where you train and when you started doing MMA?

Volkan: Im a Turkish-Swiss fighter from Fribourg and I’m currently training at Fight Move Academy in Neuchatel. I started pro MMA in september 2010 at Shooto Switzerland.

You are currently fighting for “Bellator Fighting Championship”. How did you get their attention and how many times have you fought for them so far?

I had a great night in Valhalla an 8 man tournament in Danemark where I finished all my opponent in about 1 min each fight by Knockout. So from there I get a contract to fight for bellator and I directly sign it! I fought for the first time in october 2013 and I just did my last fight. (Have a look on the Knock Outs)

Foto via Bellator Sport Worldwide, LLC

In your first fight for “Bellator”, you faced Josh Lanier, a very good submission grappler. You won in the first round via TKO (as you finished almost all your fights before). How did you prepare for this fight, and, how nervous have you been stepping to such a huge stage?

I prepared as usual in Neuchatel but I move a few weeks in Mike’s Gym to train with Alistair Overeem. My first Bellator fight was for me like a normal fight. I just went there and did my job.

In your second fight for “Bellator”, you faced Kelly Anundson, obviously a tough wrestler. Tell us, what happend in this fight, and what went wrong?

I think there was my mistake. usualy I just fight and dont care about who you are and what you good at. And this fight I was thinking too much about his wrestling and couldnt fight the way I wanted, even my striking. I got outwrestled until he got me in the choke.


Foto via Bellator Sport Worldwide, LLC

Are you going to fight for “Bellator” again? If so, when is it going to be and who’s gonna be your opponent?

I was planned to fight in the tournament so after my first loss things are a little different. I will do an other superfight soon. But I have no idea about the date and the opponent.

What are you going to change in your next trainingcamp (if there will be a change)?

Yes there will be change, I will start wrestling and we will invite some coach from other country to help us. I will also go train in usa before my fight too.

What is your goal, where do you see yourself in two years?

I will be where the money’s at! I feel good in bellator they treat me good and bellator has a good future. So I hopefully still be fighting for them.

Volkan, thank you very much for your time and we hope to see you back very soon!

Thanks a lot! Yes I will be back stronger for sure, thanks for the support!

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